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Please allow me to introduce myself



Hello there and welcome to my website, my name is Marc Farrimond (I may add not Inigo Montoya) and here you will find information that is relative to me, including my photography, art and fiction as well as my games design and other general stuff.


About Me

Here you find a little more information about who I am and what makes me the person I am right now.  It is more of a blurb really but you will also find my blog and news updates on this section of my site.



As anyone who has ever met me will tell you, I have a love for photography that borders on obsessive and I am never more than a few feet away from a camera.  For me photography is the perfect way to capture that single moment in time and every image is like a snowflake in its uniqueness.  I recently decided to take the plunge and began my journey as a semi pro and now offer my services (no I am not a mercenary) and I am available for any kind of event from parties and weddings to more intimate shoots such as glamour and boudoir.  My photography page has details of my rates and what I can offer you as a client, as well as galleries of some of my images.



I have a real love for art in all its forms and other than photography; I love to express my artistic side using 3 dimensional art.  I use a programme called Poser to create my images which I will share on my galleries.



For a long while I used to write fiction as a form of catharsis being a dyslexic, but I did for a while turn that into a profession and have been in print many, many times in the past.  I have a love for writing erotica and have several projects under construction right now that will be up for sale on Amazon’s Kindle very soon, including my first novel ‘How the other half live’.  



I have been a gamer for the majority of my life and it is something that I love dearly.  Recently along with friends I set up Drunken Badger Games to publish my own game systems, after working on other peoples for nearly two decades I thought it was about time that I had something of my own to share with the world and the first two games Cliché and Kapow will both be available soon.  



This section of my site will give you details on my rates for photography.  I am a very cheap and professional photographer and always looking for new models and clients so why not check my work out.


In the words of my favourite singer Alice Cooper

Welcome to my nightmare, I think your going to like it!



February 26th 2012