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About me


So where to begin? Well as if you couldn’t have guessed by the name of the website, my name is Marc Farrimond (Marc James in fact) and I bid you welcome to my house, enter freely, go safely and leave something of the happiness you bring! Literary quotes aside, I really am glad that you checked out my website and I hope that you find something of interest here, maybe even organising a photo session with me or perhaps buying one of my games (cough Cliché cough)




Okay so at the time of writing this blurb I am fast approaching my forty-ninth birthday (which is on April 24th btw) and living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been lucky enough to have found my soul mate when I was quite young and my beautiful wife of almost twenty-two years (June 6th, yes I know D-Day) Laura is not only my lover, mother of my children and my confidante; she is also my best friend and a reason to get up in a morning and face the day.


We have two children from marriage Danny who is nineteen and Katy who just turned eighteen, our eldest child from my first marriage is Sara who is also the mother of our grandchildren Naomi and Joshua (wee Nigs and Joshy). Sara and the kids live in Wigan in Greater Manchester (my hometown) and Danny and Katy live up here in Edinburgh, with Danny having his own place now and Katy not far behind him!


As I said at the start of this page I will go back to the beginning and tell you a little about myself, that way you can better understand me as person and why I am the way I am! I was born Marc James Shepherd and never knew my real father, my step father has been in my life since I was two and suffers from dwarfism, but is one of the tallest men I know and is highly respected. My mum and dad worked a lot when I was growing up and I was more or less raised by my grandparents and that is perhaps were I get a lot of my ideals and such from. My granddad was a very strict religious man, who was a lay preacher and used to teach me things that every kid should learn, how to look after yourself and those you love, the things in life that are the best are often the simplest (or cheapest) and to look at the world with better eyes, something I didn’t really understand till I was an adult myself.


My gran was an amazing cook and it is something that has been passed on in the genes as all three of my kids are great cooks and I trained as a chef! My gran was the polar opposite of my granddad and was very quiet, and I remember her singing hymns most of the time as she baked or cleaned, or whitewashed the front step!


When I was eleven my brother Ian was born and the month before on my eleventh birthday my father William adopted me and my name was legally changed from Shepherd to Farrimond.


I was bullied most of my way through school often being labelled with racist remarks because I have a dark complexion and had masses of curly hair, almost afro like. This was a thing that could have sent me one of two ways, either into deep depression and withdrawing or angry and fighting all the time. Instead thanks to my granddad I went a third way and chose to ignore the bullies and help out those that they where bullying and it won me a lot of friends and soon the idiots who thought it fun to pick on me looked elsewhere for their jollies.


All the way through school I was placed in remedial classes as I was deemed slow because my writing was really bad. It wasn’t until I left school and went to try and become a nurse, my life long dream and it still is; that it was discovered that I am dyslexic. Again I could have used this as a crutch but instead I embraced it and became determined to never let it rule me and instead of a disability I see it as an advantage from a personal perspective.


After leaving school and home at sixteen I worked in a variety of jobs, ranging from a warehouse man and fork lifter instructor too solider, manager and chef! I have worked in many industries and have taken skills from one field, across into another and it always shows in my work aspect.


I have four real passions in life other than my wife and kids, and those are photography, games, film and reading! If I am not doing one of those I am doing the other! Photography is an overwhelming passion that can be very unnerving for those who don’t really know me as I am most likely pointing a camera in their direction, and I have taken hundreds of thousands of images over the years, using disposable, Polaroid's, 35mm and now digital mediums. It is my dream to own my own studio sometime and be able to do what I love so very much professionally and full time.


I love games and a very large majority of my friends and peers are drawn from the gaming industry, either roleplaying or wargaming or computer games. I started wargaming when I was six with my granddad and roleplaying when I was eleven, when the game was in its infancy. During the following years I travelled up and down the UK and attended hundreds of games shows and conventions and made so many friends that I can’t count them all. Gaming has introduced me to people who I regard as family and without it my life would be a lot worse off. I have worked for several games companies and written articles, supplements’ and reviews for a long time (see dyslexia is not a problem it’s a blessing in disguise) and very shortly my first full blown games Cliché and Kapow will be ready to unleash on the world.


With gaming came reading and whole new worlds opened up before me, exposing me to wonders I had never dreamt of. I had a lot of problems reading as a young child, due to my dyslexia, but it was my Aunt Glynis who got me reading by introducing me to books on dinosaurs and space and before long I was reading at an age well above my own years. I read all the time, mostly magazine articles now but books too and of course my online life revolves around the written world so it is natural as breathing. Books are gateways to other universes and with reading them comes my love of writing. It all started off as an aid to my dyslexia and went from there, allowing me to write fiction, drama and erotica for many different mediums and companies. I read a lot as I say but I pale when it comes to Laura and between us we must have thousands of books and novels.


Which brings me nicely to film. A passion that has grown into an obsession as I have aged and something that all began with my first viewing of the classic movie King Kong (1933 version) and since then I have been hooked. The moving image always excites me and makes me want to see more and what is going to happen next and I love going to the cinema very much and have a huge DVD collection that is constantly growing.


Okay I guess I have bored you enough about my past but if you would like to know anything else please just mail me or leave me a comment on the comments page.






This is who I am!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy

Martin Luther King, Jr.